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A Divine Transformation

Prior to beginning on this journey back in 2012 “Lou” weighed in at an all-time high of 301 pounds. Determined to get in shape, he set himself a goal of dieting for a bodybuilding contest toward the end of summer. Since the 90’s Lou religiously used the same protein powder for the simple fact that he could not find a product that diluted as well, tasted as good, didn’t bloat him or destroy his stomach. Then with apprehension he was introduced to Divine’s products and he quotes:

“I was amazingly taken aback by the quality of the product. Not about one or two things that kept me from changing brands, but everything that concerned me or bothered me about other protein powders was no longer an issue. I have finally found the world’s best tasting protein powder."

January 1, 2013 Lou began his quest to compete that summer. At that time he was still using the “same old protein powder” and continued to do so for about 8 weeks and weighed in at 285 that March. At this point he was introduced to Divine Nutrition Products. He replaced his 3 shakes per day with Divine’s, in addition to a strict 4 meal plan diet. Lou put in hard consistent training and cardio work daily. As the months passed and the weight began dropping off, Lou achieved his goal of competing at 214 lbs. this past August, winning the Over 40 division and Masters Class at The Dexter Jackson Classic. If you would like to ask Lou any questions pertaining to his diet and training, feel free to send an email to

Lou continues to supplement his diet with 3 shakes per day while maintaining his gym regimen and keeping his weight down.

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